Jacobus Stephanus Bruel b7c1
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Jacobus Stephanus Bruel


Jacobus Stephanus Bruel [b7c1] is born about 1752 in Swellendam (Tradouw).  Three brothers were born into this family that forms the three main branches of the Bruwer Family in South Africa.

Jacobus Stephanus is the first branch.

Jacobus Stephanus Bruel [b7c1] is christened on 22 April 1753 Tulbagh.


Johannes Bruere (45) [b7] his father dies 1767.  As a young man of 14 Jacobus Stephanus Bruel is suddenly as oldest child and son the man of the house.

Jacobus Stephanus Bruel (20) [b7c1] is married to Aletta Lombard (20) on 13 December 1772.  She is the daughter of Johannes Lombard and Aletta Van Staden.

Johannes Godfriedus Bruel [b7c1d1] is born about 1773 in Swellendam (Tradouw].


Johannes Godfriedus Bruel [b7c1d1] is christened on 23 Feb 1774.  He lived until 1852 and married 3 times..


Jacobus Stephanus Bruel [b7c1d2] is born about 1775 in Swellendam (Tradouw].  Jacobus Stephanus Bruel [b7c1d2] is christened on 19 November 1775.  He lived until 1847 and married once.


Anna Maria Bruel [b7c1d3] is born about 1778 in Swellendam (Tradouw].  She was christened on 18 April 1778.She married twice and had children.


Marthinus Fredericus Bruel [b7c1d4] was born about 1779 in Swellendam (Tradouw). He was christened on 31 October 1779.  He married once and had children but the Bruwer Tree ended with his children and grandchildren.


Bad times for Jacobus Bruel (41) [b7c1] andhis family

Reference code: C. 218, pp. 319-360. - Vrijdag den 27:eSeptember 1793.

Resolutionsof the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope - Cape Town Archives Repository,South Africa

During 1793a gangster called Capitjin Kees was terrorising the Swellendam area.  His [;an was to destroy farms and kill Christiansby testimony of members arrested.  They murderedtwo farmers amd acted homestead.  Theywere arrested during 1793.  On of thegang of 34, Klaas Paardenwachter confessed that Jacobus Bruel was also atarget to be killed in a farm attack in June 1793 by the Hottentot Gang.  A worker, "Goliath" on the farm wasan accomplice and he was arranging other young hottentots to help in theplanned attack. - Swellendam 22 Sep 1793. This must have been on the farm de Zandrivier.

Alsoimportant to note that a Depression hit the colony and where sheep fetched 16 schellingen in 1791 the veeboeren now got 9 schellingen.  What was evenworse now was that the Company’s butchers now didn’t want to pay cash but withIOU’s.  Against this back drop of a cashshortage, a depression and farm attacks our ancestor tried to survive on a loanfarm while the British was also rising in power and threatening the Dutch way of life.


Widow of Jacobus Bruwel, Aletta Lombard (42), to be evicted and the farm to be sold but they are instead asking for mercy from the VOC on 13 Mar 1794.  She is still farming, but the condition of the farm is not good and the live stock she has is there to feed her and her family.

 Note that her mother in law, Johanna (Anna) Bruwel (63) as widow of Johannes Bruere is also addressed in the same Resolution on the same day and they have halved her debt as widow as well.

Reference code: C. 222, pp. 433-485 -Maandag den 31:e Maart 1794
Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope - Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa

This means that Jacobus Bruwel (42) [b7c1] died about 1793.

Johanna Bruere his mother dies 31 Mar 1794 in Robertson

3rd Generation / 3de Geslag

Die Derde Geslag Bruwer's is dan ook die hoofvertakking van die Bruwers.  Alhoewel Johannes vyf kinders gehad het, waarvan vier seuns was het net drie kinders gehad.  So die Bruwers word almal teruggebring tot een van hierdie drie seuns.  Ons praat dus van die volgende takke:


Jacobus Stephanus Tak (b7c1)

Die Jacobus Stephanus Tak

Jacobus Stephanus is dus die DERDE geslag.  Jacobus is op 22 April 1753 op Tulbach gedoop.  Jacobus het getrou met Aletta Lombard.  Aletta is ongeveer 1752 gedoop.  Sy was die dogter van Johannes Lombard en Aletta van Staden.  Jacobus was 'n burger in Swellendam.

Hulle het vier kinders gehad.  'n Dogter en drie seuns.  Alhoewel almal kinders gehad het het die laaste seun se Bruwer nageslag egter doodgeloop by sy kinders. Die dogter is getroud, eers met 'n "Buxman" en toe met 'n "Vuurman".  Die hedendaagse Bruwer's stam dus almal af van die eerste twee broers as hulle uit die Jacobus Stephanus Tak afstam.


Jacobus Stephanus Bruwel Generation
Jacobus Stephanus BruwerJacobus Stephanus Bruwel
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